Wired Technology Is Obsolete: Stay Tuned for 5G Cell Technology


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I travel often, delivering educational presentations and seminars on cloud technology. While presenting, the question I seem to get the most often is: “What if I lose my internet connection and can’t access my data in the cloud?” It’s a valid question, sure, but what strikes me is that everyone seems to be concerned with the actual wire connecting the office PC to the internet. Cloud adopters are well aware that in today’s world, wired technology is obsolete.

I was on the road recently, presenting at an exhibitor showcase conference using virtual desktop and server technology. For this particular presentation, internet access was critical, so I ordered a hardwired connection as a backup connection for our booth setup. That’s right: At this stage in wireless technological advancement, wired was my backup. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But it shouldn’t. Today, most of us spend more time using wireless Internet connections than wired ones. Still, what if both my wired and hotel conference wireless Internet failed? I was prepared with my primary travel device, an iPad with a 4G cellular connection. It’s what I use to demonstrate virtual desktop technology and how fast application and data access can be over a 3G or 4G cellular network.

While out on the road, I rely on my iPad and iPhone exclusively—I don’t even bring a laptop anymore! My Apple products (as well as most other modern phones and tablets) have inexpensive cellular technology with fantastic speed and performance built right in. But it’s not just that I’m relying on a physical product; I’m relying on their steadfast tether to the cloud. It’s a solution comprised of service, product and connection. And it’s increasingly less expensive, more reliable and simpler to use.

Cellular technology again comes into play for those with a wired internet connection that wants to know: what if my wired internet fails?  Well, if it does simply pick up your 4G cellular device and presto you have access to your data.  So times are changing, wireless and cellular technology are advancing almost to the point we are starting to take them for granted.  And thus the cloud will live on.

Moreover is the communications industry timeline for 5G deployment.  They are mentioning speeds up to 10G per second and deployment in major cities around the U.S. by 2020.  That right: in just 3 years, the wire should be obsolete or your expensive backup connection to your data in case your wireless fails.

Are you thinking about anytime, anywhere, any-device access to applications and data on the cloud? So are we.