Windows Server 2003 Is Dead


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And doesn’t it deserve to be? It’s 11 years old, and technological advancements can only propel this ancient system so far compared to today’s Cloud solutions. Although it’s gotten far less attention than the recent Windows XP deadline, the retirement of support for Windows Server 2003 will be one of the most important of the predictable security issues of 2015.
July 14, 2015 is the day Microsoft officially closes the door on its Windows Server 2003 users. This means they’ll no longer patch it for new security vulnerabilities. That’s a major issue because these vulnerabilities pop up all the time; in 2013 alone, the OS giant released 37 critical updates to patch them. Without the support of Microsoft, these susceptibilities are likely to crop up all over the aging operating system at an exponential rate. Microsoft may choose to offer an exorbitant agreement for enterprise customers to continue receiving patch support, but this is only speculation. So those who continue using Windows Server 2003 will either expose their critical business data to hackers who take advantage of the situation or pay prohibitive fees for updates they’d been receiving for free all along.

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