Snow Days: Weathering the Storm


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Sure, occasionally some snow days can be fun—but not when it happens 5 or 10 times in a single season.

After emerging (relatively unscathed) from one of the worst winters in the Northeast on record—with 6 feet of snow recorded!—I began to think about how critical fast, reliable remote access really is. In the months of January and February alone, one of our offices was closed for five business days. All in all, we lost around two full weeks of in-office productivity. Our business workflow was impacted significantly—and we weren’t the only ones.

One of Diverse Technology Solutions’ strengths is the ability to access our applications and data anytime from anywhere on any device by using virtual desktop and server hosting technology. This allows us to all stay calm no matter what the weather. That’s right; though we had no physical, in-office productivity, working from home was our seamless workaround. (In fact, voice over IP technology allows me to dial outbound via a secret extension in my home office with the caller ID displaying as if it’s from the main office.) Our call center engineers, support staff and other team members are all fully functional regardless of what major calamity touches down, burying us in snow, tying up our roads or otherwise making our physical office inaccessible. Even during Superstorm Sandy, DTS operations had zero downtime. Our customers experienced the same, all retaining the ability to operate from any Internet (or even cellular) connection.

It’s never worth it to take a chance when it comes to business workflow and profitability. Just avoiding these types of business-impacting weather-related outages alone justifies the switch to a modern technology data and application access solution.

So as we now approach hurricane season in the Northeast, I ask, are you ready to weather the next storm with private cloud hosting from DTS?