Latest VoIP Features and Functionality Equal Increased Productivity and ROI


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Some think it’s weird to imagine you can make money on a telephone system. Well, the reality is in this day and age, you certainly can. In business, productivity equals dollars, and simple devices like the business telephone system are transforming the way people communicate and run their businesses.

Some of the latest features in hosted VoIP phone solutions are mind-boggling technological achievements. I’ve had the pleasure of functioning on a hosted VoIP solution for a while now, and this innovation has positively affected my productivity like my very first Blackberry did back in the day!

As I travel to/from several of our office locations, I can simply login to any phone, and all my contacts and hot buttons come up; my extension lives on that handset for the day. Moreover, I can do this from home. That’s right, I plug a hosted IP-based phone into my home’s cable modem, and I now have the flexibility of working from home. Outbound calls show the caller ID number of our main office.

If I’m on the run and need to leave my desk to work from the road, with a press of a button, all calls automatically forward to my cell phone for the day. In fact, I’ve got a mobile app on my iPhone that allows me to dial outbound calls while showing the caller ID of our main office. Bottom line: I never miss a call. My clients get me when they need me, and I never miss an opportunity. The speed and efficiency at which I operate and handle business voice calls is far superior today than in years past.

As much as productivity can increase using hosted VoIP there usually is a significant return on investment (ROI). Anyone using legacy T1 technology for voice services is usually grossly over paying for telephone services today. In general, up to about 200 users, hosted VoIP should yield a minimum of a 30% Return on Investment over an on premise phone system. Hosted VOIP features, like unlimited local and long distance calling, eliminates the pesky per minute fees. Legacy phone line charges that can add up to hundreds of dollars a month, even in smaller 15 user environments.

The bottom line is dollar for dollar, VoIP isn’t the future; it’s the now. On-premises voice solutions are a dying breed. The flexibility, feature set, price point and return on investment all point to hosted voice over IP phone solutions as the 21st-century technology for business telephone service.