VMware 4.x End-of-Life: Expiring Software and What It Means For You


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We recently spoke about a huge end-of-lifecycle event with a little piece of software called Windows XP. Here we are again; on May 21, 2014, VMware 4.x will meet its maker. It seems that critical software, platforms and operating systems are always going to the great software repository in the sky. But what does that mean for you?
VMWare 4.x’s crater-sized impact on the industry effectively made “virtualization” into an (IT) household name. It enabled the use of multiple operating systems and applications for a more streamlined infrastructure. It’s known for rapid deployment, performance optimization, improved resources and automated operations that result in seamless implementation, reduced costs and simpler IT management.

But as with all good things, they come to an end. As of August 15, 2013, VMware ceased users’ ability to download, downgrade or produce license keys. Now, the impending May 21, 2014 end-of-support date for VMware 4.x is closing in fast. Your rights after this include the use of the software…and not much else. No new patches or updates will be issued, and no technical assistance will be provided (even though complex upgrades like this often demand it). Worse still, depending on your version of 4.x, you may need to initiate a sequential upgrade to receive the latest version: VMware 5.5. And if the challenging upgrade path weren’t enough, new server hardware may be required to complete the process. Nevertheless, customers running VMware 4.x should take the necessary action to upgrade ASAP.

But before shouldering the weighty task of upgrading, one must again ask, “Why am I managing cumbersome hardware, intricate upgrades, persistent migration costs and time-consuming maintenance measures?” Good question. Why are you? Instead, perhaps it’s time to consider cloud hosting. With cloud computing management, you can expect annual IT cost savings of 30% to 70% depending upon virtual environment size, and the immediate ROI from moving data and applications to the cloud.

The thing about apocalyptic end-of-support dates is that they don’t have to be apocalyptic at all.

No, the great software circle of life doesn’t have to be cause for alarm, because you’ve got a sound solution for all your technology needs right at your fingertips. Call Diverse Technology Solutions at 631-224-1200 to learn how you can trade in the end-of-(support)-life burden for a perfectly seamless transition.