VDI vs DaaS: What’s the Difference, Really?


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The terms “VDI” and “DaaS” are almost as vague as saying “we’re in the cloud” and quite honestly still requires a some clarification for most people. Outside the world of IT, many businesses don’t have the foggiest idea about the difference between Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) or whether it’s truly a good fit for their business. Virtual desktop technology has now reached that point where almost every business can adopt this technology to some degree. The difference between the user experience of a hosted desktop and a traditional one is practically negligible.

VDI is an abbreviation of virtual desktop infrastructure, and it is essentially an on-the-premises solution. DaaS is different in how it is accessed, which is by way of a self-service portal. To put it simply, with DaaS, you are renting the solution from a cloud provider, so you don’t need to build it out yourself which makes DaaS is a fully customizable, cost-effective solution.

In the last few years, many organizations have tightened their belts on their IT budgets due to the changes in the economy as well as changes to their long-term business goals. Many businesses opt for virtual desktop solutions as a way to gain access to data quickly and increase their productivity without the huge outlay of capital to do so.

The biggest difference between the two is quite simply, control. With VDI, you have all of the control at the location where you house your infrastructure whether it’s in a closet or your data center. On the off chance that you have an issue with your VDI solution, you would handle that in house. With DaaS, your cloud provider is facilitating everything, and they have all the control, so it’s critical that you choose a provider that has all of their ducks in a row. Unfortunately, the vast majority discover that they may have made wrong provider choice only when implementation goes array. In this video “10 Questions to Ask a Cloud Provider,” there are a list of questions to ask your provider before you sign on the dotted line to determine if what they offer is the solution to your problem. It’s also best to consult with an IT profitability specialist before you take the plunge.

The great thing about DaaS is that it allows for management and the IT department to focus their efforts on business growth initiatives. Although it’s managed off-site, DaaS still provides IT Managers with control over the end-user desktops via an administration gateway. DaaS takes most of the burden off your IT staff since it’s simpler to oversee and manage.

To learn more about your options or to discuss the suitability of DaaS and VDI for your business, contact Diverse Technology Solutions today.