Virtual Desktop Solution: Give the gift of flexibility


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Gift-giving is commonplace during the holiday season, however finding the right gift for co-workers is not always easy. You want your gift to be professional but personal, and most importantly you want it to be something that won’t be stuffed in a drawer or re-gifted. This holiday season why not focus on giving yourself, your business and your employees what they truly want, flexibility and a better work — life balance.

We’ve all seen people walking down the street while texting and walking into oncoming traffic. Many people could find a way to be more productive if they had a better work-life balance. I know what you’re thinking, how can access to your desktop at work from any device, anywhere, at any time actually improve employee morale?

According to a survey conducted by Virgin Pulse earlier this year,“Misunderstood Millennials: How the Newest Workforce is Evolving Business.” It seems as if Millennials are pushing for a major change in the workplace and demanding a more balanced happier life for all employees. Almost 40 percent of those surveyed viewed their employer’s support of an arrangement that helped foster work-life balance as the number one way companies can show they care. 44 percent have also cited a flexible work arrangement as the number one benefit they want to have at their company.”The companies that will most successfully adapt to a changing workforce will be the ones that help all employees, not just Millennials, find meaning in their work and provide flexibility that helps their people more easily balance professional and personal responsibilities,” said Chris Boyce, CEO of Virgin Pulse Source: Virgin Pulse

A virtual desktop solution for your business can be a gift that helps to increase productivity and employee loyalty. A virtual desktop makes your software, applications, files, software, available to you anywhere on any device where you have an Internet connection. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) leverages VDI which offers a high-quality user experience on any device, without needing to build or to manage your own infrastructure. It is an icon on your desktop or mobile device that employees have to click on to activate to engage in work related activities.

This new found workplace flexibility may just be the best gift for your business and your employees. The ability to work when, and where you choose is the expectation of the millennial workforce. Moreover, the productivity gains from providing this service to your employees can be a major impact on productivity and the bottom line.When given the option to complete some tasks from home or on the road, employees will experience a better work-life balance and happiness within your organization.

So make your employees and yourself happier this holiday season, contact DTS to find the Desktop as a Service solution that is the right gift for your business and the bottom line.

Happy Holidays!