Security. Productivity. Savings

Synergy Cloud powered by Diverse Technology Solutions is a Visual Manufacturing ERP solution in a performance certified cloud hosted environment. Simply launch any internet browser  and login to your ERP software solution anytime, anywhere on any device.

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Industry Leading Security

Synergy cloud is a cloud ERP solution protected by a cutting edge security model that features 7 layers of protection for your data.

Boost Your Productivity

Our solution enables instant login via web browser with no need for client side software installation.

Cost Savings

No more costly infrastructure to maintain. Our customers realize 30-70% annual cost savings in their IT budget by leveraging the cloud.

Better Disaster Recovery

Virus protection, backups and disater recovery is built into Synergy Cloud. Backups of virtual servers and data is monitored daily.


Synergy cloud is the solution that manufacturing businesses utilize to get the very best out of their infrastructure evolution on demand.


DTS owns and operates all our cloud hosting hardware and software so you can count on DTS for quality, reliability and instant support.