Snow Days Are Coming Up! VDI to the Rescue


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There is no time like the present to take a long hard look at the disaster recovery and business continuity plan you have in place for your business. We all accept that summer is over, and to shield ourselves from the chilly weather and the reminders of our warm vacations, we tell ourselves, “Well, at least we’ll have some snow days to look forward to!” Yay! I’m not a weatherman but something tells me the northeast won’t be spared of a major storm this year.

Don’t get me wrong, children love to have snow days, however how can that affect your employees, your business and your bottom line? There are still tasks to do, messages and calls to return waiting for them at the office and let’s not forget the big elephant in the room: does an employee get paid on a snow day? For many companies, a virtual desktop solution solves this problem: Employees are paid during a snowstorm or emergency by utilizing a virtual desktop solution to complete work-related tasks. For the legal overview on this click here.

Here’s another reason we shouldn’t jump for joy over snow, storms, slush, hail, or solidifying rain: The expense of days off for organizations is astronomical. According to CNN Money, last year our economy lost roughly $500 million, from lost productivity and lost economic activity alone thanks to that lovely snow.

High performing organizations ought to have the capacity to be able to avoid interruptions in times of inclement weather. As we continue to accelerate the pace of moving data and applications to the cloud, more employees can work remotely with no lag or lack of efficiency. Anytime, anywhere access isn’t a niche tech fad; it’s a mainstream necessity. The benefits of private cloud hosting and virtual desktop hosting add to the array of software as service options that can take your business from bolted to the ground to infinite in remote capability. Hosted voice over IP (VoIP) telephony services are now becoming the norm for small to medium enterprises wishing to have that in-office feel from the comfort of home or on the road.

Personally, I don’t stress about snow days anymore because Old Man Winter no longer has the power to bring my business to a freezing halt. I have a voice over IP (VOIP) telephone in my home. It’s not complex: only a three-digit extension from my main office. What’s more, when I dial out, the guest ID shows the same three digit extension my clients call me on. My cloud-based virtual desktop access offers my whole work desktop, complete with, applications, folders, files, favorites and everything I need right at my fingertips.

My business is not an exceptional case—you can stay in contact with your customers and clients while having complete access to all of your business applications and data too. Cloud-based IT solutions are here to stay, and they’re reducing the impact of snowy conditions on our productivity so we can focus on taking care of business.