Facing the Eye of the Storm, the Cloud Is the Safest Place for Your Data


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I had a conversation last week with a prospective client. “I’m worried about my internet connection if I go to the cloud.” He said this as Hurricane Irma just screamed up the Florida Coast. I replied, so what if your internet connection in your office doesn’t work? Simply stay home and use the internet there if you host all of your business voice and data in the cloud. As for power and internet outages, if you’re really in the storm’s path, then simply evacuate as many did during Irma. Go to higher ground, or find ground with power and internet anyway to keep your business operational. The reality is it’s just as likely your power will be out if your internet is during a major weather event. So, go to the library, or cuddle up at the nearest Starbucks, or a friend’s house. Better yet, use an iPad, laptop or phone with a cellular connection to access your data hosted in the cloud.

The reality is the internet will be there when you need it nowadays. I can’t remember the last time I had zero access to the web, including during Superstorm Sandy, which devastated the Northeast. Virtual desktop and server hosting, hosted VoIP phone services and everything cloud-based is becoming so low bandwidth that it functions from any device and over any connection. Cloud hosting puts you in a mobile world that lets you operate anywhere—from any device, at any time.

Many folks I know got their power back in their office after Irma in a few days. However the phone lines were down for weeks. That’s because the phone guys can’t climb the poles until the power guys are done. Older phone technologies like PRI lines and analog or T1’s will be the last services to come back up. Voice over IP (VoIP) can be a business savior during major weather events.

I had one customer who sent his employees home with their VoIP phones from the office. Anyone who could find an internet connection could simply plug the phone in, answer and make calls seamlessly. While most of his competition may have lost business during a week without power, he said this was his busiest week of the year, all because his people could answer inbound calls. Using his virtual server and desktop hosting solution for his business data those same employees were able to login to their order system and take orders. Business essentially never stopped! Need assistance deciding if cloud hosting is right for your business? Contact us at DTS to explore the many options available.