Virtual Desktop Solution: No Pain, All Gain


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One day not long ago I was struck with a painful and virtually unexpected knee injury—one that necessitated several weeks of intensive physical therapy. Immobility was ready to wreak havoc on my busy schedule. But there were clients to see, accounts to manage and entire businesses to keep running smoothly. Again, I found myself eternally thankful for all that cloud computing helps me accomplish, no matter what the circumstances.

A virtual world of cloud hosting devices kept me fully functional, operational and in touch with my clients and staff. My virtual desktop and server hosting solution provided easy access to my work desktop on my home computer. My office VoIP phone (which performs as a simple three-digit extension to the main office) allowed me to make outbound calls displaying the caller id from our main office phone number.  I could also speed dial employees’ extensions to get quick answers to burning questions—all from the comfort of my own home while I recovered.

I had my best virtual desktop experience on the day I had to venture into Manhattan for several client appointments. My injury prevented me from taking the train, walking extended periods and even driving the long distance, so my solution was to hire a car service. And it didn’t just keep me from re-injuring myself; it made me more productive! The biggest advantage was my 4G cellular-connected iPad, which allowed me to quickly launch my virtual desktop and get right down to business. The funny thing is that I was probably more productive on the road that day than I’ve ever been in my physical office.

Having a virtual desktop solution means that no matter what the situation—whether it be inclement weather or an inconvenient injury—you’ll have access to your most crucial business applications and vital clients at all times. You’ve heard of the old adage “no pain, no gain”? Well, no matter what issues pop up in life, cloud computing can keep your business running effortlessly. I like to call that “no pain, all gain.”

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