DTS presenting at the AICPA Financial Planning Conference July 20-22


DTS will be presenting for the second year in a row at the AICPA Financial Planning and Analysis Conference in Las Vegas.  Join Clayton Hart, industry leader and expert on business workflow analysis, Information Technology and financial planning in a discussion to decipher the strategies of financial planning for cloud based I.T. initiatives in your organization.  Learn how to assess the ROI of going to the cloud and avoid pitfalls and mistakes in qualifying a cloud provider to host business data and applications. This session will present real world case studies of financial planning gone wrong.  The presentation will give you a baseline on the productivity and efficiency benefits of cloud hosting solutions.  It will help prepare you to assess them accurately and understand the risks to present them within your organization.
Learning objectives

  • How to calculate the efficiency and productivity benefits of cloud IT solutions for presentation within your organization.
  • Understand the financial benefits of cloud hosting for primary business applications and data.
  • How to qualify a cloud provider’s competency to host your information.
  • How to assess the risk of cloud hosting.
  • Learn what applications and data are safe to put in the cloud.
  • Cloud security revealed – Q&A session.
  • Tips and tricks to forecast IT cost savings over the 12 month to 5 year term leveraging cloud technology.