DTS expands its VOIP offering launching the all new “Simple Voice” program and improved Class 5 switching infrastructure.


DTS has expanded its VOIP hosting infrastructure providing the latest in Class 5 switching technology greatly enhancing its backend infrastructure. A new VOIP program called Simple VOIP has launched including a new End User management interface and an exciting new line of VOIP phone options from Yealink.

“Our new infrastructure incorporates the latest hardware and software technology to deliver world class voice quality and feature set to our customers. We implemented an entire array of data center hardware and software on the backend to accomplish our goal of being able to expand the portfolio of handsets and features we offer our customers” said Scott Seibert, Manager of VOIP Communications at DTS.

“The addition of the Simple Voice program enables us to reduce the per seat cost to the end customer for our VOIP service and handsets. Ensuring we are on the cutting edge of VOIP technology and able to deliver VOIP service quality at a very competitive price point is the nucleus of the Simple Voice program. We have spared no expense in our latest expansion ensuring our product offering will deliver a variety of voice options to our customers.” Paul Carideo, DTS Chief Operating Officer.

With a go live date of Nov 1, 2018 customers now have a Simple Voice option to our already successful Mitel offering and line of products. Account executives can engage to align a customer with the best solution to fit their business or solve a VOIP challenge. A new portfolio of handsets includes top of the line Yealink models. See more information on our expanded handset line on the DTS VOIP Phones page.