DTS announces its new partnership with NexGen Storage systems


DTS has chosen NexGen as the storage system of choice for the future of its cloud storage hosting needs. “Partnering with NexGen delivers a best-of-class performance solution to our data center for primary cloud storage,” says Paul Carideo, DTS operations manager.
NexGen storage systems will be deployed on a wide-scale rollout to replace legacy SAN storage and upgrade the DTS hosting architecture to leverage solid-state disk performance. “It’s simple: NexGen won on performance and price,” explains Clayton Hart, managing partner of DTS. “We look forward to not only adopting the technology in house but also to be able to offer NexGen storage as an option to our managed network service clientele.”

NexGen Storage offers the first solid-state storage system designed from the ground up to manage performance just like capacity. Unlike any other shared storage system, NexGen offers both Storage QoS for managing performance and Service Levels to ensure mission-critical application performance – no matter what happens. At the same time, NexGen’s PCIe solid-state architecture avoids performance bottlenecks to offer the best price/performance ratio of any midrange storage solution.