DTS acquires cloud hosted Unified Communications VOIP telephony provider “Voitual” of Delray Beach, Florida


Islip Terrace, NY – (3/7/16) Diverse Technology Solutions Inc. (DTS) a NY based cloud hosting service provider has acquired cloud hosted (VOIP) Voice Over IP telephone service provider Voitual, www.Voitual.com, of Delray Beach Florida. The newly formed company DTS VOIP LLC will acquire the assets of Voitual rebranding the companies Hosted PBX Voice Over IP telephony service as DTS-VOIP adding another cloud product to the portfolio of DTS’s successful cloud hosting solutions. DTS holds a 51% stock ownership position in DTS VOIP LLC with the founding partners of Voitual retaining a 49% ownership position in the newly created company. The asset purchase includes the Voitual client base, all intellectual property and infrastructure supporting the hosted VOIP environment.

“Our cloud service revenue has grown 300% in the past 2 years. We believe that adding a cloud hosted voice service to our portfolio of products uniquely positions us as a complete provider catering to clients that want one finger to point at for all of their cloud hosting voice or data needs. The acquisition allows Voitual to leverage the existing infrastructure and capital investments of DTS to provide an affordable Cloud hosted UCaaS “Unified Communications as a Service”, stated Ken Blume, DTS CTO.

“This new engagement was the culmination of 6 months of planning on behalf of our mutual company’s management teams. With cloud services today making up 65% of DTS revenue the decision was easy to expand on our offerings by adding a cloud hosted voice solution for our customers. This new product offering is exciting as it complements our hosted email, virtual desktop and server offerings. In essence we can now be the all-in-one solution acting as a single point of contact for our clients seeking to save money on IT expenses by leveraging cloud technology to support their business”, Clayton Hart DTS CEO.

Mark Kruger, Voitual’s CEO and a 35 year veteran in both the on premise and hosted phone system space added. “Our merger with DTS made sense on many levels. We realized the value of their organization and the positive impact it will have on our future. Our Mitel based hosted voice platform has been a hit in the South Florida market for several years. Partnering with DTS opens up the northeast market for us and allows for cross selling of our services within our customer bases. The combination of hosted voice and data products DTS will now be able to offer is one that is very unique in the sea of cloud service providers. Finding a provider that can do it all is rare. Our technical expertise will allow DTS VoIP to develop cutting edge applications and integration between our Unified communications platform and DTS’s virtual desktop solution.”

About DTS:

Diverse Technology Solutions is a leading provider of cloud based hosting services to the business community. The flagship Virtual Desktop hosting service DTS-VDESK provided by DTS helps businesses save up to 70% on their overall IT costs. This powerful Microsoft server based platform enables any business to move their core network applications and data to a secure private cloud environment

About Voitual:

Voitual is a hosted PBX Unified communications telephone service provider delivering a Mitel engineered voice service over the Internet. The hosted PBX platform is a feature rich unified communications solution enabling the ease of dial tone anywhere you can find an internet connection.