SEC and FINRA Cloud Compliance

Understanding SEC and FINRA compliance using a cloud-based IT model can be a challenge. Diverse Technology Solutions (DTS) makes it simple. We have over a decade of experience hosting cloud solutions for SEC and FINRA regulated businesses and provide the necessary guidance—and guarantee—these businesses need to comply with Regulation 17a-4: Privacy of Consumer Financial Information.

Why DTS SEC and FINRA Compliant Cloud Services?

With DTS as your cloud service provider, you can meet the highest level of Rule 17a-4 for SEC compliance and facilitate less painful IT audits. We offer a variety of cloud hosting solutions to assist in meeting compliance regulations:

  • VoIP voice call recording.
  • Encrypted email hosting.
  • Private cloud hosting.
  • Data encryption in the cloud.
  • Secure email archiving.
  • Secure data hosting.
  • Document management in the cloud.
  • IT Security audits.
  • IT security policy writing and compliance documentation.

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