How Snow Days Can Freeze Your Business


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The summer is over, and to shield ourselves from the oncoming cold and the reminders of no more warm vacations, we tell ourselves, “Well, at least we’ll have some snow days to look forward to!”

But here’s why we shouldn’t celebrate blizzards, storms, sleet, hail, snow or freezing rain.

The cost of snow days for businesses is nothing short of astronomical. In 2010, snow days cost the federal government $71 billion in productivity—each day! But why? On the whole, modern companies should be able to avoid interruptions in times of inclement weather. As we continue to accelerate the pace of moving data and applications to the cloud, more employees can work remotely with no lag or lack of efficiency. Anytime, anywhere access isn’t a niche tech fad; it’s a mainstream necessity. The benefits of private cloud hosting and virtual desktop hosting add to the array of software as service options that can take your business from bolted to the ground to infinite in remote capability.

Personally, I don’t stress about snow days anymore because Old Man Winter no longer has the power to bring my business to a freezing halt. I’ve got a voice over IP (VoIP) phone in my home. It’s not complex: just a three-digit extension of our main office. And when I dial out, the caller ID displays as the same. Even better, my cloud-based virtual desktop access offers my entire work desktop, replete with folders, files, favorites, software and preferences right at my fingertips.

My business is not a special case—you can stay in touch with your clients and vendors and have complete access to all of your business applications and data too. Cloud-based IT solutions are here to stay, and they’re downsizing the effects of our most gruesome wintry blizzard conditions into nothing more than a winter wonderland.