The Death of Cellular Technology Isn’t What You Think It Is


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Recently, Cablevision made an announcement that confirms what we all know deep down inside: The death of cellular technology is approaching. In recent years, consumers have enjoyed a steep decline in the cost of cellular services. What they haven’t enjoyed is its steep decline in value when stacked up against modern technology. Businesses are another story; cellular giants like T-Mobile are selling a commodity, but it’s only a matter of time until Wi-Fi gets its due as the gold standard for business communications.
It’s reasonable that the Verizons and AT&Ts of the world (who service more than 100 million customers) aren’t worried about startups—though they’re both numerous and successful—that promote Wi-Fi voice services. But once major players enter the Wi-Fi communication arena, it becomes a different story. And guess what? The story is already changing, because not only did Cablevision’s announcement include plans to implement a Wi-Fi service to compete, but Google introduced an impressive plan as well. The significance of these companies’ plans cannot be understated.

Indeed, Wi-Fi is coming. The everywhere, all-the-time “Internet of things” is already an ever-permeating reality. The likelihood of modern, adaptable Wi-Fi technology replacing sluggish, limited cellular technology is too strong to devalue. By the time aging cellular providers get around to their creaky rollout of 5G, faster and less expensive Wi-Fi services will have already emerged as permanent replacements. Not surprisingly, Cloud technology mirrors this situation, and enjoys the same progression and benefits over traditional computing.

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