Virus Free Servers and Infrastructure: Digital Vaccines For Your Business


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The Sony hack—we’ve all heard of it. And it’s an event that’s highly visible with lasting damage that’s terrifyingly tangible. But Sony wasn’t the only victim of 2014; it was a dismal year for hacking and virus proliferation worldwide. In fact, the CryptoLocker virus of 2013 made a smashing comeback with several variations reemerging, like strains of resistant influenza. But instead of wreaking havoc on our bodies, it wreaked havoc on business networks.
The insidious CryptoLocker virus comes via email in the form of a link to another site or an attachment. Once engaged, a behind-the-scenes download of its code commences. It then attaches itself to network drives, locking data and demanding a sizable ransom to unencrypt it. Even if you pay the ransom, there’s no guarantee the seized data will be released to you. This is not an easy virus to avoid. Remember, rule of thumb is that if it’s not from someone you know or you weren’t expecting the email, don’t open it!

DTS assisted in the aftermath and cleanup of this particular virus after it infected several clients who had decided to keep their servers and infrastructure in-house. In one case, we found that the client was infected just 20 minutes prior to the deployment of our antivirus systems patch to avoid exposure to it. Even with all the proper network security and practices in place, this is one nasty worm that requires numerous tactics to avoid it. And, it’s more than daunting to stay current on its latest iteration.

On the plus side, we’re beyond virus savvy, and our virtual desktop hosting solutions greatly minimize the chance of exposure. In fact, only one of our clients who takes advantage of our virtual desktop hosting was infected. And, of course, we took care of them; they recovered quickly and completely with no data loss whatsoever.

The Sonys of the world make us ask: “Where is our data most safe?” Is it in the IT closet or in the cloud? Consider relocating your critical data and software to a safe, sound and secure cloud server and virtual desktop hosting solution. Offload the burden of your virus management and recovery to experts who can provide you with the digital vaccine to stave off what’s going around this season.