Cloud Services: Accounting for Any and All Situations


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CPA firms, financial advisors, law firms and other integral cornerstones of the professional services world are moving fast to Cloud-based IT services. Why? Well, professional service organizations typically rely on industry standard applications like MS Office, Adobe, and QuickBooks products, and this makes application and data compatibility seamless and the delivery of that data to any device a breeze using virtual desktop and server hosting technology.
CPAs typically live life on the road, traveling from client to client. For this type of professional lifestyle, what could be better than owning complete connectivity to all of your applications and client data?

This easily achievable scenario has contributed to 2016’s booming year for Cloud adoption at accounting firms. Accessing client data remotely at any time from any device isn’t just a preference in the “now” age, it’s a necessity. Firms have explained to us on multiple occasions just how significant the impact on their business workflow is if they can upload data securely while off-site at their client’s office. Fast, secure data transfer means the back office can begin work immediately on tax preparation, and both the firm and the client can enjoy a more efficient turnaround. Virtual desktop and server solutions for CPA firms aren’t just a clever solution – they’re a financial win.  Private cloud hosting for accounting firms places the Virtual desktop and server into a secure protected environment to ensure data and client security meeting regulations for client privacy.

The professional services user population has become an eager adopter of Cloud-based technology for two reasons: Its cost-effective, security is airtight and it’s accessible anywhere from any device. And there’s a reason this community of professionals chooses DTS: They’re always confident their data is in the hands of professionals who utilize steadfast hardware, unassailable business practices and an unmatched commitment to clientele. Call DTS at 631-224-1200 to learn more about Cloud technology for accounting firms and other professional services companies.