IT Closet To The Cloud: More Secure?


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Closet To The Cloud: More Secure?

Let’s face it, 95% of small to medium businesses are still using a legacy IT design with servers that act as the very heart of their infrastructure – and are located in an IT closet somewhere within their physical office space. Is that really the safest place to store expensive applications and critical business data?

A recent Gartner survey indicates that the percentage of private cloud hosting solutions for small and medium-sized businesses is on track to increase 22.9% in 2016, with a market forecast of $179 billion. Though there are many reasons for this, the fact is that private cloud computing services present a far superior, more affordable and secure solution as compared to a typical IT closet. In order to leverage an enterprise-class data center facility with a measure of protection that matches its importance, data needs to be locked in the most secure environment possible.  Physical security using private cloud hosting for small to medium businesses can not be matched with an on premise IT design.  Logical security meets the same fate.

Does your IT closet have an armed guard at the door or biometric readers that grant physical access? Is your advanced fire suppression system primed for an unexpected midnight disaster? Do you have intuitive, cutting-edge intrusion detection systems protecting your applications and business data? Are you constantly monitoring for incoming hacker attacks? The truth is, most SMB businesses cannot afford this added protection and security without transitioning their IT model to cloud-managed IT services.

Private cloud computing allows businesses to extend their Windows Active Directory into a secure environment at a hosting provider. It enables them to spin up virtual servers at will. It offers them the seamless access needed to migrate primary business applications, streamline IT support and solidify IT infrastructure on state-of-the-art hardware platforms in state-of-the-art facilities. These are the trends being adopted by small to medium businesses that are worn out from the constant hardware and software expenditures needed to refresh their legacy IT design. More and more, we see clients taking sending their data and applications from the IT closet to the cloud.

With every hardware manufacturer designing a growing number of devices that only work in a cloud-based IT environment, one wonders if there is any solution more perfect than private cloud hosting. Leverage unrivaled security and fortification to your most sensitive data and vital software with dependable, feature-rich cloud security. When it comes to today’s successful businesses, cloud hosting security isn’t just for peace of mind; it’s a crucial piece of the puzzle.