Legal Intrepreting Services

With staffing levels wavering with business demand, this privately owned company in Brooklyn, New York, needed an IT solution that was fiscally responsible, elastic and provided an immediate ROI with stringent compliance and regulatory requirements.

The Challenge

Legal Interpreting Service (LIS) approached Diverse Technology Solutions (DTS) for advice on how to best service their clients’ needs while minimizing costs during a recent business expansion spanning two office locations. LIS needed an IT solution that was flexible and cost efficient while providing reliable remote access to business applications and data. More important was the need to make sure their IT security and policies met the strict regulatory and compliance requirements of their customers.

Their most pressing challenge, however, was their fluctuating workforce: While LIS added part- time and contract workers during periods of client demand, they didn’t want to overprovision application and end-user licensing or hardware and storage resources for a user load that could fluctuate monthly based on business load.

The Solution

DTS migrated all LIS internal network applications and data to a private cloud with hosted virtual servers and desktops, which gives them the ability to turn on and off users and licensing month-to-month decreasing IT costs during slower periods. The solution eliminated internal network servers and gives LIS the ability to expand and contract rapidly based on actual business needs. DTS also delivered compliance and IT security policy documentation defined to meet the regulatory requirements of LIS customers.