Can Therapeutic Cloud Computing Heal Your Business’ Pain Points?

Can Therapeutic Cloud Computing Heal Your Business’ Pain Points?


Are you selecting an IT consulting company simply based on how quickly they can fix a printer when it jams? Or, are you attempting to align your company with a business analyst who comprehends the vast array of solutions available and can help choose ones that will enhance your business? Now, more than ever before, you must understand what is truly important to your business and choose the services provider who hits the mark.

So, ask yourself . . .

  • What are your pain points, and can technology fix them?
  • Does your IT consultant help you determine which solutions (from an ever-changing sea of software, hardware and IT-managed services) are best aligned with your short- and long-term business goals?
  • Is cloud hosting right for your business, and are you partnered with an IT consulting company that can accurately clarify its benefits and drawbacks?
  • Has your current IT consulting firm given sound advice? What are the inherent core values you should consider when choosing your next IT consultant?
  • What’s the most vital consideration when selecting a cloud provider: the lowest cost, the best service or the fastest response time? Has your current provider led you in the right direction, streamlining procedures to make your business operate more efficiently?

Serious business value

Cloud computing can be a top value deliverable from the right company. Its agility, capacity, scalability, security and manageability have improved significantly over the past several years. Costs have been reduced and are more transparent and predictable. Cloud computing also eliminates expensive maintenance issues that would cost your IT consulting firm both time and money to repair.

Let’s face it: IT-managed services lack the dexterity necessary to set up an enterprise project on the fly. But with the right cloud platform, virtual servers can be activated and files can be uploaded, converted and distributed within a short amount of time for a negligible amount of money.

It’s no wonder that industry giants such as Google, IBM, Microsoft and Amazon are investing billions of dollars in cloud computing; its impact on business execution, strategy, innovation and productivity is remarkable. You can exploit the advantages of a cloud hosting strategy too. Then, you’ll have only one question left to ask yourself: What’s next?

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