Apple, Apple, Everywhere


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Apple, Apple, Everywhere

Who would have thought just ten years ago that we would be talking about Apple taking over as the platform of choice with which to run our businesses?

Here’s a true story: I know a prominent New York City hedge fund manager with endlessly deep pockets who has always maintained the finest in handpicked in-house IT systems. Of course, his environment was always 100% Intel and Microsoft run because in the financial industry, the Windows OS is king. Just recently, this hardcore Blackberry-loving C-Level executive called me up and asked what I thought about the iPhone. Well, my wife got one in 2011, and I was a late adopter and got one in 2012. And I’ve got no plans of switching back. I told him it’s running my house and my life as the most prominent device in my IT arsenal. So, this ardent Blackberry-supporting CEO relented and purchased an iPhone 5. I was shocked, to say the least. No less than three months later, he told me he was buying his first MacBook. Another shocker! After 20 years in the IT industry, I’ve never seen such a rapid shift in the trust of a company and its products.

Apple is for real – it’s not just for specific personality types in a niche segment of the business world. Apple quickly and effectively made its way from consumer to enterprise as a widely accepted platform for business operations. How did this happen? I mean, almost nothing is compatible with Apple products. Still, with the mounting advantages offered by virtual desktop and cloud computing services or SaaS software, a knowledgeable cloud hosting provider can get any Windows application to work on a Mac device. This simply gives businesses more options. Devices once thought to be the nemesis of the business network or IT department are now commonplace. Kudos to Apple for developing such wonderful products and end-user devices. Praise cloud computing as the heartbeat and lifeline that compels these devices to work seamlessly and efficiently.

I’ll relate one more brief story: I recently took a business trip, and while renting a car, the sales person whipped out an iPad to take care of business. This occurred the same day I saw someone on line in front of me use their iPhone as a boarding pass for a flight. Wow. Change isn’t just good; it’s great!

Embrace change and make your business go with Diverse Technology Solutions’ Windows virtual desktop services, which are able to deliver any Windows application to any Apple or Mac device. Want to inquire about our cloud computing services? Contact us here or call Diverse Technology Solutions at (631) 224-1200.