2007 Microsoft Exchange Server support ends April 11, 2017


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There is only one thing you’re guaranteed in life… and in that vein, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is about to perish. On April 11, 2017, Microsoft will officially end support for this legacy email operating system. While it was a good product, it certainly didn’t have the features, functionality or ease of redundancy deployment that the later operating systems had (i.e versions 2010 and 2013).

In the old days (2007), it paid to have your email server on the premises, and Exchange 2007 was the go-to product. But times have changed. Microsoft has made it virtually impossible for the small to medium-sized business to house their own email servers. In fact, it simply doesn’t make sense in the SMB space. The ROI rule of thumb for email is for fewer than 300 users, it doesn’t fiscally make sense to have an in-house email server.

For starters, it’s not cost effective by any means. Attempting to make a small business email server redundant becomes a monumental task, and the licensing and hardware costs to do so simply don’t add up. Then there is license renewals, spam solutions and other factors that drive costs up. For a few bucks a month per mailbox with built-in redundancy, hosted Exchange is the way to go. Whether you choose Office 365 or another hosted email solution, if you’re in the SMB space, don’t be fooled into making an investment in replacing the 2007 Exchange platform with another on-premises solution. It simply doesn’t add up!