Dec 21

Virtual Desktop Solution: Give the gift of flexibility

Gift-giving is commonplace during the holiday season, however finding the right gift for co-workers is not always easy. You want your gift to be professional but personal, and most importantly you want it to be something that won’t be stuffed in a drawer or re-gifted. This holiday season why not focus on giving yourself, your[…]

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Sep 17

How Snow Days Can Freeze Your Business

The summer is over, and to shield ourselves from the oncoming cold and the reminders of no more warm vacations, we tell ourselves, “Well, at least we’ll have some snow days to look forward to!” But here’s why we shouldn’t celebrate blizzards, storms, sleet, hail, snow or freezing rain. The cost of snow days for[…]

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Feb 26

How Much Money Is Lost to IT Issues?

No company can afford to fall behind on virus protection, Windows updates or daily backup management. And if they do, it will catch up to them hard and fast. Fixing damaged software, a corrupt operating system or a credential loss-affected user account doesn’t just require dollar signs to repair—it causes a loss of workforce resources[…]

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