Dec 26

Snow Days Are Coming Up! VDI to the Rescue

There is no time like the present to take a long hard look at the disaster recovery and business continuity plan you have in place for your business. We all accept that summer is over, and to shield ourselves from the chilly weather and the reminders of our warm vacations, we tell ourselves, “Well, at[…]

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Feb 08

Which Hosting Service Does My Business Need: CoLo Virtual or Dedicated?

You don’t have to learn a brand new language just to choose a hosting service as long as you have an idea of what  web hosting is  you can make an educated decision. What is Web Hosting? A web hosting service is simply a service that will host the pages of your website on servers that[…]

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Jan 07

How Do Your End Users Fit Into Your Cloud Computing Strategy?

You’ve heard it all cost savings, scalability, on-demand storage, these are all the great benefits of cloud computing. The cloud is this mysterious thing; a white knight that can give you a leg up on your competition and push your growth initiatives forward.  But what about the people, the employees, those end users who have[…]

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May 15

Can Therapeutic Cloud Computing Heal Your Business’ Pain Points?

Can Therapeutic Cloud Computing Heal Your Business’ Pain Points?   Are you selecting an IT consulting company simply based on how quickly they can fix a printer when it jams? Or, are you attempting to align your company with a business analyst who comprehends the vast array of solutions available and can help choose ones[…]

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May 02

Cloud Computing; New Term, Old Concept

Using a network or remote server to store, manage and process data – rather than a local one – is not a magical and mysterious practice. The reality is that we’ve all been cloud computing junkies for decades. Simply put, cloud computing is the hosting and retrieval of data on hardware you don’t own. Anyone[…]

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