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    DTS is presenting at the AICPA Manufacturing Conference in Indianapolis IN, Sept 12-14

    DTS will be presenting a 60 minute CPE accredited solution session at the AICPA Manufacturing conference held Sept 12-14, 2016 at the JW Marriot, Indianapolis, IN.  DTS Managing Partner Clayton Hart, an industry leader and expert on business workflow analysis, Information Technology and financial management, will present a session topic titled Managing IT for Manufacturing firms which will include the following educational content.

    How CFO’s can understand and Manage IT Departments.

    Often times CFO’s find themselves with the responsibility for overseeing an IT Department without ever having any background in IT. What questions should CFO’s be asking the heads of their IT Departments to make certain the company is going down the right track?

    Learning objectives include.

    1. How to hire a rock star IT person. – Top interview questions.
    2. What motivates IT people to want them to achieve higher level of performance?
    3. How long should we keep our PC’s servers?
    4. How frequently should we back up our data?
    5. What is our data recovery plan? When was the last time a test was run to make sure it works?
    6. How secure is our data? Not only Payroll, but customer lists, IP?
    7. Should we go to the Cloud? What are the costs, risks associated?
    8. What questions to ask a cloud provider prior to engagement?

    For more information on the conference click here.