Cloud Hosting

Virtual Server Hosting

Replacing the need for network servers on your premises, Diverse Technology Solutions’ (DTS) unmanaged virtual server hosting service is for the IT or network administrator ready to securely store data and applications in a private cloud environment. Our extremely flexible, on-demand solution supports elastic IT business needs: Order the unmanaged virtual servers you need now and expand storage capacity any time.

Best of all, DTS’ virtual serving hosting (DTS-VHOST) makes it easy to get started. Tell us how much hosting power you need, and within minutes, we’ll provide a Microsoft- or Linux-based virtual server with complete administrative access to the operating system.

Our virtual server hosting is VMware vCloud-powered and includes:

  • State-of-the-art HP and Intel processing power and server infrastructure.
  • Solid state redundant storage array technology.
  • High availability and data center replication options.
  • Redundant bandwidth aggregated across multiple carriers.
  • Root-level server operating system access.
  • Complete server and storage system redundancy.
  • Completely redundant power, cooling and world-class facilities.
  • Intrusion detection and deception preventing perimeter security threats.
  • Cloud server network monitoring and alert system options

If taking more control over your servers and data is important to your business, you would enjoy the freedom that Virtual Private Servers have to offer.  V-Host can be customised to meet your needs which means that you can choose to pay only for what you need as your business grows.

If you’d like more information about V-Host schedule an appointment with a business analyst today! Contact us.