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Mobile Device Management

Keep all corporate data and application access  on smartphones and tablets securely stored – and fully isolated from the personal side of the employee’s portable device – with mobile device management services from Diverse Technology Solutions (DTS).

With DTS’ mobile device management service (DTS-MDM), a secure workspace is encrypted and password-protected on mobile devices so corporate data remains secure even when the device itself is unlocked. And if an employee loses a device or leaves the organization, DTS can remotely lock or wipe out the corporate data and apps without impacting the personal side of the device. As the “bring your own device” approach becomes increasingly popular in the workplace, corporations must deploy security to these devices and those owned by the company. This raises several key issues, including:

  • Monitoring and proving compliance for your network supporting employees using personal devices for access to email, applications and business data.
  • Securing and managing of all corporate data on the mobile devices connected to your network.
  • Ensuring you can remove all business data, including documents, from any employee owned device.
  • Keep all corporate data and apps on portable devices encrypted, password-protected and under IT control without impacting the personal side of the device.

Whether you’re looking for an in-house configured mobile device management solution to protect your enterprise network or to secure remote access to your DTS private cloud, we can deliver secure results.  Enable your organization to deploy corporate email, documents, remote network access, browsing and applications to iOS and Android devices through a defense-grade secure workspace that is encrypted, contained and managed independent of the device itself.

Give your employees mobile access to all of the business applications they need without compromising on security, integrity or compliance.
If you’d like to empower your organization to address challenges connected with their mobility by providing a streamlined, effective approach to manage all devices from one place contact us!