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Hosted Voice PBX


Hosted Voice PBX

Relocate your business telephone system to the cloud and put an end to capital investments that limit your cash flow. Our Hosted Voice PBX system delivers a UCaaS (Unified communications as a Service) cloud-hosted phone system that allows your business expansion without the costly cash outlay for equipment, upgrades, maintenance or repair. With the DTS-VOIP Mitel based hosted voice over IP phone solution, you will seamlessly connect desktop phones, mobile phones and softphones.  Simply plug in your pre-programed Mitel IP phone handset into any Internet connection for outbound calling or three digit dialing between your other Mitel phone handsets.  Our hosted voice packages include all local and long distance calling for the U.S.

Hosted Virtual Desktop Integration

DTS-VOIP offers its hosted voice and call center options integrated and bundled with the DTS-VDESK virtual desktop service. This bundle is a complete cloud hosted IT business solution including virtual servers for hosting data and applications, hosted email, virtual desktops, Microsoft Office suite and the Mitel suite of voice applications all delivered through an Internet browser.  For businesses that want an all-in-one packaged hosted environment, DTS offers the widest available options for Unified communications and virtual desktop hosting collaboration including all end user support.

Hosted Call Center

DTS-VOIP offers a hosted Call Center experience by combining the Mitel Contact Center with CRM or other business applications to deliver real-time customer intelligence to agents across any medium (voice, social media, SMS, Web chat and email). DTS VoIP provides the ability to identify customers based on stored profiles and intelligently route them to the right agents or resources. Companies can deliver advanced self-service capabilities in their Contact Centers including announced wait times based on media choices. This removes the barriers for small, medium and enterprise call centers providing a complete inbound calling customer experience with minimal upfront costs and implementation.  The Call Center solutions offer multimedia routing, Outbound Contact Centers, Inbound Contact Centers along with Workforce management and Recordings Solutions all from a single Virtual desktop Interface.

SIP Features

Our SIP features extend your volume capacity, user flexibility and the reach of your office phones. By leveraging our premium cloud-based SIP technology, you’ll secure more business and your clients will never get a busy signal. Your remote workforce is able to receive calls anywhere at any time on their smart devices.  Our SIP features also leverage your Internet connection to move both voice and data simultaneously. No more wasted capital, slow productivity and the many vulnerabilities associated with utilizing separate voice and data systems. Most importantly, In the event of a disaster calls are automatically rerouted to alternative phone numbers whether landline or cell phone.

Virtualization/Unified Communications

By breaking down the barriers between the ‘telecom closet’ and the data warehouse, our cloud hosted voice solutions can virtualize voice management tasks, and consolidate both voice and non-voice applications on a single server.  Our Unified Communications Solutions can provide remote deployment and superior management of mobility, conferencing, collaboration, messaging, and a host of other unified communications applications, resulting in lower operational and usage costs.

Data Backup

With our hosted PBX solutions you can protect your business data and applications without the  large upfront investment. Our data backup solutions provide redundancy protecting you from  server failure, human error or other natural disaster with our unparalleled data security all hosted in the cloud.

Integrated Mobility

It is critical for your workforce to have access to a communications system that works with their lifestyle, schedule and devices. Our integrated mobility  solutions are designed to allow your team to perform optimally from anywhere, using a host of mobile devices as well as integrated voice and multimedia applications to remain connected and interactive with colleagues and clients.

Your team can have all the features of a multimedia conference room without having to physically be in the same location. Collaboration can take place with colleagues and clients interacting from different locations using a variety of devices and sharing unified applications. Interactive Collaboration solutions simply empower your business to be an agile organization, hire the best people no matter where they live, keep costs of travel and relocation to a minimum, and achieve higher productivity.

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