Cloud Hosting

Cloud Server Replication

If disaster strikes, do you have an IT recovery plan you can count on to minimize downtime and recover mission-critical data? Diverse Technology Solutions (DTS) clients do. DTS offers the most comprehensive cloud server replication options and offsite data replication solutions available in the industry. Our Disaster Recovery Hosting (DTS-DRH) programs replicate your server operating system, applications and real-time data offsite into a hosted private cloud to ensure your data is available and your business never misses a beat – or an opportunity.

Disaster Recovery Hosting Programs (DTS-DRH)

The DTS-DRH programs offer an image-based server replication service to protect both physical and virtual servers. Should disaster strike, your servers can be restored to a virtual server hosted in a private cloud and made accessible over the internet to any device. Available for an affordable monthly fee, proactive disaster recovery hosting provides complete data protection. In fact, many businesses use the DRH service for data redundancy either in lieu of or to complement standard internal backup practices.

Repository Service (DTS-DRH-R)

Using the DTS-DRH-R repository service, your servers are backed up as an image and stored in a repository, based on point-in-time snapshot technology. Should disaster strike you can restore the repository image into a private cloud, allocate resources (processor and memory) and spin up your operating system as a virtual server available for remote access from any internet connection. Restoration of a repository image averages 100GB per hour. This service should be aligned with noncritical servers that require same-day or next-day access in the event disaster strikes.

Availability Service (DTS-DRH-A)

The DTS-DRH-A service is designed for complete piece of mind and up-to-the-minute data replication. Your physical or virtual server is replicated to a dedicated and secure private cloud. Resources (processor, memory and storage space) are dedicated to the server replication image. In the event of an outage, DTS has the ability to make your replicated servers live as a virtual machine at the press of a button, meeting recovery time objectives of 5 minutes or less. DTS-DRH-A monitors changes to all protected files and replicates only the bytes that change, meeting very low bandwidth requirements.

Not sure which of our disaster recovery services makes the most sense for your business? Our disaster prevention consulting services will analyze your IT environment and recovery time objectives to identify the DTS disaster recovery hosting service program that’s best for you. Request a quote to find out more.