Data Hosting FAQ

Where is my data stored in the cloud?

DTS owns the infrastructure (servers, storage, switches, routers, firewalls and perimeter security devices) used to deliver cloud data and voice services. We operate out of several of the largest data center facilities in the United States, located in Oak Brook, (Chicago) IL; Denver, CO; and Ashburn, VA.

Who has access to my data?

This depends on who manages your cloud services. If you are in a managed cloud environment, our network engineers, in some cases, may have access to your data. However, in an unmanaged environment, no DTS employee needs to have access to your data. Your data can be secured and encrypted with a variety of options we offer. Once your private cloud is set up, we remove our administrative access to files, folders and data at the client’s discretion.

Is the cloud more secure than on-premises servers?

Yes, without question the cloud is more secure than housing data on premises. This video is a great explanation of this.

What is the difference between public and private cloud hosting?

Private cloud hosting is a more secure way to host data. In a DTS private cloud, resources including processor, memory and storage are not shared among different customers. We also do not share active directory domains. Each client has its own domain.

Where is the DTS Call center for support?

DTS engineers primarily operate out of our New York and Florida offices. We do not outsource our help desk.


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