Dec 27 2016

Still running 2003 server?

It amazes me how many folks are still running a legacy version of the Microsoft server operating system. Mostly it seems the reason is some sort of legacy application that is 2003 server dependent.  What many don’t realize is there are options to get off that dinosaur hardware and easily remove the security risks to your business.

Virtual server hosting can usually provide a stable platform to at least test your legacy application on a newer operating system.  You would be surprised that testing on 2008 server may indeed work in most cases.  At a bare minimum you can move the 2003 server to the cloud, or recreate a new 2003 server in the cloud and relocate the application or data.  This at least eliminates the aging hardware and legacy backup system.

The bottom line to the business is risk.  Is it worth to risk not to move, or at least try?  At DTS we have the experience to assist in these sometimes complex and rare cases.  More often then not we are successful in relocating legacy applications to the cloud and providing easy remote access to data through a virtual desktop.  Want more information?  contact us today 631-224-1200.

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