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Mar 30 2017

2007 Microsoft Exchange Server support ends April 11, 2017

There is only one thing you’re guaranteed in life… And in that vein Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is about to perish. On April 11, 2017 Microsoft will officially end support for this legacy E Mail operating system. While it was a good product, it certainly didn’t have the features, functionality or ease of redundancy deployment […]

Dec 27 2016

Still running 2003 server?

It amazes me how many folks are still running a legacy version of the Microsoft server operating system. Mostly it seems the reason is some sort of legacy application that is 2003 server dependent.  What many don’t realize is there are options to get off that dinosaur hardware and easily remove the security risks to your business. […]

Dec 26 2016

Snow Days coming up! VDI To The Rescue..

There is no time like the present to take a long hard look at the disaster recovery and business continuity plan you have in place for your business. We all accept that  summer is over, and to shield ourselves from the chilly weather and the reminders of our warm vacations, we tell ourselves, “Well, at […]

Sep 02 2016

Safety in the clouds of a hurricane

I had a conversation this week with a prospect and he said “I’m worried about my internet connection if I go to the cloud”.  He said this as hurricane Hermine comes screaming up the east coast and he wasn’t confident he could find safety in the clouds of a hurricane.  I replied, so what if your […]

Aug 14 2016

Wired Technology is Obsolete: Stay tuned for 5G cell technology

I travel often, delivering educational presentations and seminars on cloud technology. While presenting, the question I seem to get the most often is: “What if I lose my Internet connection and can’t access my data in the cloud?” It’s a valid question, sure, but what strikes me is that everyone seems to be concerned with […]

May 24 2016

Cloud Services: Accounting for Any and All Situations

CPA firms, financial advisors, law firms and other integral cornerstones of the professional services world are moving fast to Cloud-based IT services. Why? Well, professional service organizations typically rely on industry standard applications like MS Office, Adobe, and QuickBooks products, and this makes application and data compatibility seamless and the delivery of that data to any device a […]