No one offers more cost-effective, comprehensive cloud solutions to keep your business network up and running than Diverse Technology Solutions (DTS).

Diverse Technology Solutions provides its clients with a complete range of leading-edge cloud hosting solutions including IT management and support services.

At Diverse Technology Solutions, we believe that having the most advanced IT is the epicenter of profitability for the 21st Century business.  We help businesses increase their productivity by providing ease of remote access to primary data systems, taking their IT operations out of the closet and into a fully managed secure private cloud hosting environment. In turn, our clients experience enhanced business communications, business workflow and operations while reducing their total cost of IT ownership.

Blog Posts

ThursdayMarch 30, 2017

2007 Microsoft Exchange Server support ends April 11, 2017

There is only one thing you’re guaranteed in life… And in that vein Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is about to perish. On April 11, 2017 Microsoft will officially end support... read more

TuesdayDecember 27, 2016

Still running 2003 server?

It amazes me how many folks are still running a legacy version of the Microsoft server operating system. Mostly it seems the reason is some sort of legacy application that... read more

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